Outdoor Wedding Decorating Tips

shutterstock_165808913Wedding trends and styles are constantly changing to reflect the preferences of couples and how they want to express their love for one another. Outdoor weddings have remained popular for years because they offer one of the most stunning backdrops of all: Mother Nature. At the same time, however, the decorations and themes of these ceremonies have changed and continue to adapt to modern tastes.

At Walter Knoll Florist, we have been honored to help countless couples plan the ceremony and reception decorations that perfectly reflect who they are and what their relationship means to them. We have noticed a few recent trends that we think all couples planning outdoor weddings should consider. It may help inspire them to find a beautiful addition or idea for their own celebration.

The farm-to-table look

Many couples today enjoy the fresh and natural look that comes with arrangements that appear to be recently picked. Rather than perfectly pruned and organized bouquets, these arrangements tend to include more greenery, such as stems and leaves. This type of arrangement also works well with the trend of using local and seasonal flowers. Not only does using flowers grown locally and in season help to save money, it also is much better for the environment. Flowers like this are perfect for receptions or wedding ceremonies.

outdoor weddingThe more formal look

On the other end of the spectrum, there have also been an increasing number of couples who have opted to stay away from the more natural and relaxed trends of outdoor wedding planning and instead strive to create more formal atmospheres. A popular way to accomplish this is by using more traditional blooms, such as the red or white rose. No other flower has such a reputation for love and romance, making it a fantastic addition to any look. They are wonderful for bouquets.

outdoor weddingGreenery

In addition to using the fresh flower look to incorporate a more natural picture of flowers, including leaves and stems, some couples are interested in incorporating greenery in more ways. It has become more common to develop reception flowers using green plants and leaves instead of flowers. These plants help to add to a more natural look while also offering something a little different yet equally stunning.

Wedding season is a wonderful period for couples to begin imagining their own big day. As couples begin to think about how they would like to celebrate the beginning of their marriage, they should consider some of the trends and ideas above. They might receive inspiration that will bring their wedding to life. At Walter Knoll Florist, we love helping customers plan their perfect day.