How to Set Up Your Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never created a website before. But even if technology is the furthest thing from your mind as you’re thinking about dresses and cake and flowers, trust us that a wedding website will become your favorite tool as you forge the wedding planning stage of engagement. The wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings have some great tips and insights to help you choose and use your wedding website in ways that will make this entire process a delight. From including essential information for guests (all in one place, instead of fielding calls for months) to personalizing your sight to match your couple style, you’ll find that a wedding website, while not essential, is truly going to make the wedding planning process a smoother, more streamlined endeavor. Here are some tips to consider as you get started.

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Getting Started – What You’ll Need

To get started, all you need to provide is both of your names and your wedding date. From there, you have everything to offer guests on a save-the-date page. You can continue adding details to your website as they develop. Most importantly, guests will need to know your wedding date, time and location, hotel reservation information, dress code, wedding registry, and RSVP date. This will not only help guests plan their attendance at your wedding, but it will also keep you from answer the same question multiple times when your attention is needed elsewhere. This is also a great virtual venue for gathering your guests’ physical and email addresses, phone numbers, and any other important information like food allergies (some wedding sites let you design a survey!). This ultimately reduces the stress many couples feel while planning a wedding and leave you free for creative thought and inspiration.

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Make it Your Own – What You’ll Want

Once you get comfortable with the format of your wedding website, you may choose to add some extras to personalize your site. Include photos of the two of you together, maybe even a sort of timeline from the early days of your relationship up to your engagement photos. Think about including photos and a short bio for each of your wedding attendants. Guests will love feeling connected to the wedding party once they arrive in person. Many sites have the option to include your wedding playlist (or just a few favorite songs that represent your relationship), some photos of the wedding venue, or a sneak peek at the colors, flowers, and wedding cake. But don’t give away all your secrets! You want to save a few surprises for the big day itself. The idea is to simply create the vibe your guests can expect as they prepare to attend your best day.

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Why You Should Have One – What You’ll Love

Not only will you love being so connected to your guests before the big day arrives, but you’ll also love the fact that most wedding website services are free, and they don’t even skimp on the amenities. Feeling organized has never been so easy. Having all of your information in one spot allows you to locate necessary information quickly, too, and will ultimately lift a large amount of stress off your shoulders, freeing you up to be more creative as you enjoy the wedding planning process. Finally, once the big day is over, you have all of your guests’ contact info gathered in one spot, making thank-you cards and future holiday cards a non-issue.

Do not let your wedding plans become a hassle or headache for you. This is meant to be one of the most special days of your life together. You should be rambling to the altar with excitement and joy. When you’re regularly sharing that excitement and joy with friends and family, you’ll ultimately be creating more room for you and your fiance to enjoy the process. Talk to the wedding professionals at Walter Knoll Weddings about our favorite wedding websites and let us help you choose something most appropriate to your situation. Our hope is to help both of you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.