How to Include Ranunculus in Your Wedding

Choosing your wedding flowers doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. You’ll want to find something that symbolizes your personality, that matches the colors of your wedding, and suits the season. Here at Walter Knoll Weddings, we’re especially fond of ranunculus as a wedding flower of choice. These gems of the wedding flower world are frilly, romantic, and always in season. You’ll love finding new ways to include them in your big day and your guests will love your exquisite sense of style and taste. Here are a few things to know if you’re considering ranunculus for your wedding flowers.

Why You’ll Love Ranunculus

Not only are these exquisite blooms the perfect amount of frilly and dainty for weddings, they can be found all year round. That means these blooms will be available and affordable no matter which season you choose for your wedding day. You can choose any shade from soft pinks and peaches to bold reds and oranges, or even clean whites or sunny yellows, to blend with your wedding color palette. Ranunculus are also incredibly versatile, able to mix and match with other floral varieties or stand alone for a unique statement. Cousins to peonies and anemones, ranunculus have symbolized charm and wit for centuries throughout many cultures. What a fabulous sentiment to evoke on your wedding day!

How to Fill Your Wedding Day with Ranunculus

Ranunculus can be used in multiple ways throughout your wedding day decor. Obviously, if you’re choosing these flowers for your main decor, you’ll include them in your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, but they can also make beautiful hair pieces. Consider ranunculus flowers as accents to a low bun or other sophisticated up-do, or adorn your flower girl with a ranunculus crown as she scatters petals down the aisle. Stand-alone blooms with a single fern leaf makes a stunning boutonniere, or use them as accents in photos of wedding items, like your program, rings, shoes, or cake. (Pro tip: give a few extra blooms to the photographer for her to stage with still shots as she shoots your wedding.)

Where to Place Ranunculus Throughout Your Wedding Day

Besides the obvious answer of “in your hands,” your ranunculus can and should be seen everywhere a wedding guest looks. Think about including these fresh, frilly blooms in a garland over the archway at the altar, or as borders on either side of the aisle you walk. Ranunculus make beautiful centerpieces or can be stretched out in garlands as runners on long tables at your reception. Adorn your guest book and seating chart with fresh blooms. Dress up your table numbers and place cards with a single bloom for each person. Include ranunculus buds on your cake and cake table, along with a few scattered among the other food or drink areas.

No matter how you choose to include ranunculus in your wedding, alone or with other flowers, big and showy or small and dainty, you can rest assured that these versatile blooms will serve you well on your big day. For more great ways to include ranunculus in your wedding day festivities, talk to the wedding experts at Walter Knoll Weddings. We love these flowers and look forward to helping make your special day as beautiful as possible.