Why Fresh Flowers Are Always Better Than Fake Flowers at a Wedding

Flowers have been an essential part of weddings since humans started getting married. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman brides carried bouquets of fragrant herbs, spices, and flowers during their wedding ceremony. The herbs and spices were used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck during the wedding, and the flowers they chose represented new beginnings, happiness, fidelity, and wishes for fertility. 

Today, flowers are everywhere at wedding ceremonies and receptions. From boutonnieres and corsages, table centerpieces and chair decor, floral arches to bridal party bouquets, flowers are a significant component in weddings. It’s understandable if you are on a budget and considering fake flowers to reduce costs, but before you go down that path, review the below list of why fresh flowers are always better put together by your friendly florists here at Walter Knoll Florist – Weddings and Events

Wedding decoration ceremony (Chandelier in the arch of flowers)flower decorations for holidays and wedding dinnerDecoration of wedding flowers

5 Reasons Why Fresh Flowers Are Essential in Weddings

  1. Fresh flowers are stunning, and no matter how close fake flowers come to looking like real florals, it’s never close enough as faux blooms are always easy to detect. Recreating the delicate texture, softness, color, and dewiness of real flowers is something fake flowers can’t come close to capturing.
  2. Real flowers smell wonderful. They have a lovely, sweet, and uplifting fragrance that adds to the ambiance of celebrating love and romance. It’s like walking into a floral wonderland where the scent attracts you first and then the beauty of the flowers whisks you away to a floral dreamscape.  
  3. Fake flowers can be just as expensive as real ones, so why not go with fresh ones? Some faux florals, particularly silk flowers, which are realistic looking from afar, are relatively expensive and can cost just as much, if not more, than fresh flowers. It’s true they won’t wilt in warm temperatures, but fresh flowers under any situation are still breathtaking. 
  4. You support local small businesses when you use fresh florals. Not only are you putting money back into your community, but florists know which flowers are in season and will therefore be the most affordable. Also, florists will design, deliver, and install all the beautiful fresh blooms to make your wedding gorgeous. 
  5. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and photos and videos will capture all the special moments. Real flowers photograph better than fake ones and make those captured memories extra special. Flowers will likely be in every shot taken. Plus, you want your wedding memories to be associated with gorgeous, fragrant, lush, fresh blooms, right? Of course you do. 
Beautiful decorated table set for wedding party. Wedding decorations with flowersWedding bouquet. Bride's flowersPreparation for a wedding ceremony outdoor in the park/ forest . Wood arch and chairs are decorated with white and pink flowers roses and peony, on the ground are many wood lanterns with candles.

Using fresh flowers brings more life, romance, and awe to your wedding, especially if you incorporate your favorite blooms. Fresh flowers are an investment in making one of the most momentous occasions in your life special. Make sure you speak with your florist about your budget and expectations and they will work with you in creating an unforgettable floral experience.