Tall Wedding Centerpieces

wedding centerpiecesIf you are one of the thousands of area couples planning for a 2016 wedding, we know it can seem a bit overwhelming. At Walter Knoll Florists, we love helping Saint Louis brides and grooms to choose all the floral bouquets and arrangements that will make their day special – and we will walk you through it, flower by flower.


Once you choose your venue and color scheme, come in and tell us your vision for the flowers and décor. Will your ceremony be formal, or rustic? Will the reception be black tie, or do you want your guests to relax and let loose? These types of questions will allow Walter Knoll to make recommendations as to varieties of flowers that will make your dream wedding come to life.


This year, one of the floral designs that is popular is the high centerpiece. This floral arrangement utilizes tall vases or containers to elevate the table bouquet off of the table; and often further utilizes long stalks of flowers and organic elements (such as twigs or grasses) to add to the height and stature of these arrangements. This trend is unique in that although the tall centerpiece is popular, within that category is a wide range of possibilities.

wedding centerpieces


For instance, both of these weddings showcased tall centerpieces, and both evoked a vintage feeling from the past. But the similarities end there, as one wedding featured fun polka dot tablecloths and white lilies with black feathers; while the second was a rhapsody in blue, with a blue hydrangea and cohesive accents throughout.


Your wedding is your wedding, so although keeping up with the trends is fun, remember the choices are all yours! At Walter Knoll Florist, we will work with you to create bouquets and centerpieces that truly reflect your personality and style. Stop into one of our St, Louis flower shops today, and let’s discuss how the perfect arrangements will make your day uniquely personal.

Walter Knoll’s Favorite Wedding Flowers 0f 2015

wedding flowers2015 was a great year at Walter Knoll Florists. As we start the new year, we look forward to designing gorgeous floral arrangements for all types of Saint Louis events, but wedding flowers are among our favorite to create. For those of you looking to celebrate a 2016 wedding, we’d like to offer photos of some of our original bouquet and centerpiece designs to inspire your own planning.

wedding flowers

A deep palette was the inspiration behind this striking bridal bouquet in rich purple and red; which featured two varieties of roses, orchids and hydrangea. The sophistication of these regal colors is ideal for formal or night weddings, and look stunning against a white dress.

wedding flowers

This festive bouquet is a true celebration of your day. Roses and calla lilies are arranged in a contemporary, abstract arrangement brimming with color. With unique floral accents and multi-colored jewel details, your spring or summer wedding will exude joy.


Your venue flowers set the stage for the party; each element, from centerpiece arrangements to cake accents give you the opportunity to express yourself. This couple chose a natural color scheme, with white hydrangea and green and brown twigs and berries. With a minimalist setting and clear glass containers and votive holders, this table will sparkle under candlelight.

wedding flowers

Another of our couples chose the vibrant and original pink gerbera daisies, green mums, spindly stems and orange sash to dress up their chairs – bringing a tropical vibe that livened up the party with vivid decoration.

wedding flowers

Natural to neon, whimsical to elegant – Walter Knoll Florist has always taken great care to make sure our brides and grooms were provided with the ideal flowers for their special day. When you are considering a St. Louis wedding, please consider the floral experts of Walter Knoll. It will be our honor to provide all your wedding floral needs.

New Year Engagements and Weddings

new yearStatistically speaking, more couples get engaged over the holidays than any other time of the year. That means that many newly engaged couples will enter 2016 with wedding day planning on their minds. Considering this, Walter Knoll Florist would like to offer some suggestions for “New Year Resolutions” that we suggest the bride and groom-to-be keep in mind.


  • Remember that this is a celebration, not a performance. Don’t sweat the small setbacks, and instead remember to have fun and enjoy this exciting time of life.
  • There is nothing set in stone. If you don’t like formal affairs, plan something more your style. If you hate high heels, wear ballet slippers or sneakers. If you want an ice cream sundae bar instead of a wedding cake, that’s completely up to you.
  • Experts are more than happy to share the hottest colors and trends in wedding planning. But if you don’t like them, pick whatever you like. It’s your day.
  • Don’t get too many opinions – everyone has one, and can cause you to get distracted. Decide on what you want, and don’t worry about how someone else would plan your wedding.
  • The diversity of flowers allows you to be innovative. From traditional roses to the creative use of succulents and greens, your bouquets and centerpieces can be as unique as you are.
  • Above all, do enlist the help of the experts who can get to know you, and give you ideas that will jump-start your imagination.


The professional florists at Walter Knoll Florist would be honored to help you to choose the bridal bouquets and floral arrangements that will best bring your vision of the perfect wedding to life. Whether you want a trendy vintage wedding with this season’s top colors (Quartz Rose and Serenity Blue); or a quirky nuptial ceremony that expresses your personal vibrant flair, Walter Knoll Florist has the perfect flowers and décor for you. Call us or drop by one of our St. Louis locations today.




Winter Wedding at Walter Knoll

winter weddingEach season inherently has a uniqueness to it; and weddings held at various times of year give brides and grooms an equally unique opportunity to express themselves. Winter weddings showcase an elegance all their own, and with a little planning, these weddings can be as charming and warmly romantic as any summer party.


Popular winter wedding options in 2015 include warm,fur lined boots to comforting homespun desserts. One of the more trendy color palettes reflects the color of the classic winter landscape; and include traditional ivories, champagnes and shades of gray. From luxurious charcoal gray capes to pewter mugs of hot white chocolate, the myriad of ways to incorporate these colors result in a sleek and elegant look reminiscent of a cold snow covered day. For your bridal bouquets and ceremony arrangements, gray floral accents make your flowers look frosted and icy, and contribute aesthetic interest to a classic ivory bouquet.

winter wedding

Ivory and gray color palettes easily translate into creative tables; signs, menus, place cards and table settings all lend well to the theme. Opaque ivory stationary offers a sophisticated backdrop to artistic charcoal penciled wording; blue gray napkins can be encircled by eucalyptus leaves and ivory roses; and the cake itself becomes a work of art when adorned with flowers air brushed with silvery gray paint.


When considering a wedding at this time of year, pay close attention to any span of time your guests might be exposed to a chill. Delay your receiving line until your reach the reception venue, where you can have a roaring fireplace and toasty treats; or consider portable heaters Depending on venue, roaring fireplaces near doorways that will be opened often. Keep a pile of gray and white blankets nearby, or even a variety of vintage thrift store cardigans and capes to provide extra warmth when in drafty areas.

winter wedding

Like winter itself, winter wedding ceremonies can be quite magical. For a truly memorable wedding day, let Walter Knoll create floral arrangements and bouquets that exhibit the romance of the season. Call us or stop by for ideas and inspiration – and to learn how we can help to build a floral winter wonderland for your wedding day.

Walter Knoll Florist – Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemumThe chrysanthemum is the official flower of November for good reason. This hardy and versatile blossom continues to bloom long after other flowers have gone to sleep for the season; making this a wonderful choice to represent your fall wedding.


Mums, as they are commonly called, are available in over 2,000 varieties which are grouped into 13 main flowers groups. Some of these are so diverse in appearance that they may not even seem to be in the same family; but it is this variety that makes the mum such a popular choice – there is literally a mum for every color palette and style.


Both anemone and spider mums are often used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, because of their peculiar and beautiful shape. These flowers look glamorous and tropical, while being more affordable than the more exotic flowers. Because they also come in a wide range of hues, the mum fits in beautifully no matter the theme.



Football or viceroy chrysanthemums are lush and full, and are the largest of the mum species. These generous blooms are wonderful as centerpieces, altar flowers or venue décor; because of their size, they fill larger spaces with grace and beauty. These mums can pair wonderfully with peonies, roses or lilies for your most prominent floral displays.


Two of the more common mums found in florists are of more common varieties; the first looking much like a daisy ad fitting in well with country bouquets; and diminutive pompon mums making great boutonnieres, bouquet filler, or cake decorations.


To learn more about the many options available to you in the chrysanthemum family of flowers, stop into Walter Knoll Florists in St. Louis. Our wedding floral experts will show you photos, give you ideas and help you create the wedding flowers you envision on your wedding day.

Walter Knoll Florist – Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingIt’s not really accurate to say that vintage weddings are making a comeback – they never actually went away. That being said, there is something so irresistibly romantic about a vintage wedding; and because of the allure, vintage remains a popular theme.

What exactly is vintage? Vintage is not quite antique – a term reserved for things at least a century old – but vintage does evoke feelings of nostalgia by creating an aura of simpler times, eras gone by. Vintage allows you to envision any setting you wish, by utilizing elements of days in the past. This ambiance can be achieved in many ways; from old lace and old school fabrics to vintage jewelry and non-traditional venues.

For instance, this bride chose whimsical, 50’s inspired black and white polka dot linens instead of a solid tablecloth; the classic black ribbon and flowers add to the feeling of traveling back in time.

vintage wedding

The look was continued into the place settings, utilizing antique-looking gold embossed plates and elegant lilies and feathers to adorn them. The look is http://www.wkfweddings.com/wedding-flowers-galary?catID=4&galID=38retro and sophisticated all at once.


Vintage wedding dresses are also all the rage. Gowns and veils trimmed in pearls and old lace will make a stunning impression; while the crisp lines and simple elegance of a design inspired by the Hollywood greats (think Audrey Hepburn) will transport your wedding back to a bygone era. If you want to immerse your guests in the vintage romance, consider holding the wedding in a historic building; or under an oak tree with a turn-of-the-century mansion as a backdrop.


Vintage is what you make it – and on your special day, it’s up to you. Walter Knoll Florists are wedding experts, and have multiple St. Louis area locations for you to stop in for inspiration. Look through our wedding photos, or bring some of your own – and let us help you make everything old -new again,in a striking vintage wedding.





How to Use Greenery in Your Wedding

While brightly colored flowers have always been a traditional part of most wedding decor, they aren’t the only way to accent your big day. “Going green” isn’t just a way to be friendly to the planet; it’s also a beautiful way to decorate a wedding venue. Consider changing things up at your wedding by using greenery and foliage in your theme, design and decor. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:
Greenery Ideas

What types of greenery are best for giving your wedding a lush, elegant look? Consider using ivy, mint, rosemary or ferns in addition to plants with more defined leaves. Planning a winter wedding? Evergreen tree fronds with pinecones, holly leaves accented with red berries, and a couple of sprigs of mistletoe can be a beautiful, artistic way to decorate your ceremony and reception.

green wedding
Place Settings

Use subtle green touches in unexpected places like place settings and napkin holders.

green wedding
Your Ceremony Venue Backdrop

Set the tone with some hanging greenery or potted plants as part of a backdrop behind where you and your beloved will be taking your vows. Ivy and evergreen can be particularly beautiful for this look, but any foliage that can be hung, attached or draped to a backdrop area can work. A cloth sheet hung indoors is a possible place to attach greenery, but a wooden arch or trellis can be a beautiful and effective framework either indoors or outdoors.

green wedding

Pillars and Corners

Consider accenting pillars and/or corners in your ceremony or reception venues with greenery as well. This simple flourish can add an elegant feel to any room.

Chair Backs

If you’re using plain white chairs as your seating for an outdoor wedding, consider accenting the backs with a bit of greenery to enhance their look. You can also decorate the sides of church pews with greenery for an indoor wedding ceremony.

green wedding
A Bohemian Bridal Crown

If you want to green up a boho wedding theme, depart from the traditional flowered headpiece or tiara and create an all-green crown instead. A more ornate ivy crown is one option, but you can also opt for a more simple, minimal and sleek look for your bridal crown.

Using greenery as an alternative to flowers in your wedding decor can make a beautiful statement that’s a refreshing departure from tradition. Use these wedding foliage and greenery decor ideas to add unique elegance to your special day. Contact Walter Knoll Florist for more wedding ideas and inspiration.


Romantic Pink Weddings

Selecting the colors for your wedding is one of the most important elements in planning your special day. Once you’ve decided on the colors you desire, the remaining aesthetics, not to mention the overall mood, will fall into place. This year, romantic shades of pink are once again popular for bridal palettes, and for good reason. Shades of pink traditionally represent unconditional love that is gentle, giving and nurturing; perfect for the romantic hopefulness of a new marriage.

pink wedding

Pinks are perfect at weddings. Flowers are available in many shades, from the palest blush to the most exotic hot pink, and all play beautifully off the white of the bridal gown. Peonies and roses are ideal elegant choices for bridal bouquets or centerpieces, while tulips or oriental lilies can make a more exotic and dramatic statement.

pink wedding

The colors are not only restricted to classic floral arrangements, however. Weddings offer many opportunities for graceful touches and details. Set off a pink blossom against a dark gray napkin, and don’t forget to tie in a sophisticated menu or program. Scattered colorful accents tie together the entire room, and these pinks are sure to create the romantic atmosphere you are hoping for.

pink wedding

With ideas and inspiration to help you create the perfect bouquets, centerpieces or aisle flowers, Walter Knoll Florists are the destination for your St. Louis area wedding! Come into our store, or call us at 314-633-8780 and speak to our expert bridal floral consultants to get started.

Trendy but Classically Beautiful Fall Weddings

fall weddingsAccording to TheKnot.com, the premiere wedding planning site, the Fall 2015 wedding trends range from rustic to colorful to cozy. Whatever your style and desired ambiance, there are trending styles that are sure to make your autumn nuptials perfectly you.

Dark colored flowers arefall weddings hot for fall, from deep reds to rich purples. The dramatic hues are often paired with white or pastel blooms, making them all the more striking. Leaves are also a very popular addition to floral arrangements for fall, but not necessarily the traditional red and orange ones. Ferns, eucalyptus leaves and grasses are providing the ideal backdrop for fall flowers.

Copper or gold toned vases and containers bring a natural element to your reception, no matter the venue. Opting for a non-traditional arrangement incorporating vines, berries or twigs invoke a modern seasonal feeling, and provide a unique and memorable design element to your reception. Experts also recommend adding gold toned flatware and chargers to add contemporary sophistication.

fall weddingsThese natural elements and vibrant colors are also translating to the hottest food trends for fall weddings. TheKnot,com reports that colorful, in season foods are all the rage for the season; utilizing sauces and toppings that take food to the next level. If comfort food is more your style, many couples are drawing upon the autumn inspiration to offer “ pie bars”, offering homemade cherry, apple and pumpkin pie as surprising desserts.
If you are planning an autumn ceremony and need inspiration, call Walter Knoll Florists of St.Louis. From bridal bouquets to reception décor, we will help you to plan your dream fall wedding, and make it a memorable occasion for you and your guests.


Outdoor Wedding Decorating Tips

shutterstock_165808913Wedding trends and styles are constantly changing to reflect the preferences of couples and how they want to express their love for one another. Outdoor weddings have remained popular for years because they offer one of the most stunning backdrops of all: Mother Nature. At the same time, however, the decorations and themes of these ceremonies have changed and continue to adapt to modern tastes.

At Walter Knoll Florist, we have been honored to help countless couples plan the ceremony and reception decorations that perfectly reflect who they are and what their relationship means to them. We have noticed a few recent trends that we think all couples planning outdoor weddings should consider. It may help inspire them to find a beautiful addition or idea for their own celebration.

The farm-to-table look

Many couples today enjoy the fresh and natural look that comes with arrangements that appear to be recently picked. Rather than perfectly pruned and organized bouquets, these arrangements tend to include more greenery, such as stems and leaves. This type of arrangement also works well with the trend of using local and seasonal flowers. Not only does using flowers grown locally and in season help to save money, it also is much better for the environment. Flowers like this are perfect for receptions or wedding ceremonies.

outdoor weddingThe more formal look

On the other end of the spectrum, there have also been an increasing number of couples who have opted to stay away from the more natural and relaxed trends of outdoor wedding planning and instead strive to create more formal atmospheres. A popular way to accomplish this is by using more traditional blooms, such as the red or white rose. No other flower has such a reputation for love and romance, making it a fantastic addition to any look. They are wonderful for bouquets.

outdoor weddingGreenery

In addition to using the fresh flower look to incorporate a more natural picture of flowers, including leaves and stems, some couples are interested in incorporating greenery in more ways. It has become more common to develop reception flowers using green plants and leaves instead of flowers. These plants help to add to a more natural look while also offering something a little different yet equally stunning.

Wedding season is a wonderful period for couples to begin imagining their own big day. As couples begin to think about how they would like to celebrate the beginning of their marriage, they should consider some of the trends and ideas above. They might receive inspiration that will bring their wedding to life. At Walter Knoll Florist, we love helping customers plan their perfect day.