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say yes to the dress and the bouquet to match

Your Guide to Pairing the Perfect Bouquet to Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding planning is full of choices, especially when it comes to flowers. However, once you have selected a few key blooms, it can become easier to make choices on other wedding details. For example, ensuring all of your wedding flowers match or harmonize will create a well-thought-out, put-together, and cohesive look. Utilizing similar flower combinations, […]

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plan a perfect celebration for after a private ceremony

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Post-Elopement or Sequel Wedding

In recent years, there has been a rising popularity with couples choosing the more intimate approach to tying the knot. Whether it’s been eloping or hosting a smaller wedding in a special location, couples are shedding the more traditional approach to celebrating their union. While having a smaller wedding is beautiful, a post-elopement party or […]

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A Flower Guide for Common Religious Events & Cultural Celebrations

Religious and cultural celebrations are chock full of symbolism, including the flowers used for decoration. Flowers themselves have a rich history of meaning and symbolism based on color, context, region, and holiday. In this post, however, the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist – Weddings & Events are focusing on the role certain flowers play in […]

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